L'Antichambre Escape Games in Paris


Have you ever felt the rush
of adrenaline
that you get
from an escape game ?

Do you control the power
of collective intelligence ?

It's time to enter L’Antichambre
and live a new gaming experience

5 universes,
60 min to solve the enigma and get out of the room,
6 people maximum in a team.

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30 people can play at the same time.

And if you are more, we have different original options.

We organize for you, on site, breakfast, cocktail, buffet.

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Open every day from 10am to 11pm

55 boulevard Saint Martin, 75003 Paris
+33 1 75 51 56 84

Access by metro :
lines 4, 8, 9 Strasbourg – Saint Denis station, exit 2

Car parks :
Vinci Saint Martin, on the corner of la rue Réaumur
and la rue Saint Martin
Vinci Réaumur-Saint Denis, 40 rue Dussoubs

Frequently asked questions

What is the objective of the game ?

The principle of an escape game is simple. You are shut in a room in teams of 2 to 6 and you have 60 minutes to get out. To do so you must solve problems as a team.

« An hour spent in dynamic positive environment, feeling fulfilled and happy - complete immersion. » Heutte, J. (2011).

« The combination of all these elements ... results in the feeling that it is worth spending all that energy just for the profound feeling of gratification and well-being » Barth (1993)

The games are designed according to the theory of flow.

If you'd like to know more, do not hesitate to click on the following link. : http://jean.heutte.free.fr/spip.php?article54.

What is the size of the teams ?

The rooms are designed for teams of 2 to 6 people. Please note: we cannot allow more than 6 people in a room.

If there are more of you, please reserve more rooms !

An escape game is always more exciting when there are more of you. A really great activity to share with your friends - and a little out of the ordinary.

If you are a company or a large group, the experience that we offer is ideal for your Team Building activities.

For a birthday, a stag night, an event or just for a night out in Paris, an escape game is a really unique gift.

In both cases, L’Antichambre offers you the possibility of synchronizing game sessions or reserving the whole site (the lobby and the 5 escape games). For more informations visit the "private event" page.

How much time does it take ?

Foresee at least 1h30!

An escape game lasts 60 minutes but you will need to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the game, change, finalise your reservation, take a little time to listen to a few instructions and discover the enigma that awaits you.

At the end of a game, you might take 15 minutes to debrief and for a photo souvenir…

What happens if we're late?

A game takes 60 minutes and the next team will start on time - so unfortunately if you arrive late you will have less than 60 minutes to resolve the enigmas and that makes it a lot harder. We advise you to arrive 15 minutes beforehand. You will find a map of how to get to us on the screen "useful informations", you can also call us on +33 1 75 51 56 84 if you need further information.

Can we change or cancel our reservation ?

Yes !

You can change the date, time and choice of game reserved up until five days before the date by calling us on +33 1 75 51 56 84. We will do our utmost to accommodate your modification based on availability.

You can also change the number of participants (within the maximum limits) up until the beginning of the game: if for example you have reserved for 2 people - more players can come and we can invoice the difference when you arrive. If however you have reserved for 6 and only 2 or 3 come, we will not, unfortunately, be able to reimburse you. So invite your friends to make up the group !

If you are not certain about the number of players when you do the reservation, reserve for 2 and pay the difference on site the D day.

The Escape Game is a "live" activity, like a show, if you cancel, unfortunately we will not be able to reimburse you. The best thing to do is either change the date or send your friends instead!

How much does it cost ?

Prices depend on the size of the team and time chosen - that way you have the choice.

And we also offer from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM, special prices with our "super deal" offer.

Price per game and per player (including VAT) Super Deal Off-peak hours Peak hours
Team of 2 players 22 € 32 € 40 €
Team of 3 players 20 € 26 € 30 €
Team of 4 players 18 € 22 € 25 €
Team of 5 players 16 € 19 € 23 €
Team of 6 players 14 € 17 € 22 €

Super Deal : from Monday to Friday before 12:00pm
Off-peak hours : from Monday to Friday between 12:00pm and 16:00pm
Peak hours : from Monday to Friday after 16:00pm ; on weekends, public holidays and school holidays

To book your escape game, click here. And to learn about private event tariffs, click there.

Can anyone participate ?

Almost !

Children: we accept children from the age of 12 years old. Children younger than that would not enjoy themselves and so you neither. Children up until the age of 15 may participate only if there is an adult with them in the exit room.

Pregnant women: there is no physical tests or scary elements, but the staircase to 55 bd Saint-Martin is steep.

Persons with reduced mobility: our rooms are situated on the first floor without a lift. Contact us on +33 1 75 51 56 84 to organise your arrival.

Persons with impaired vision: as certain clues are purely visual, it is important that at least one member of the team is able to see.

Persons with impaired hearing: as certain clues are purely audio, it's important that at least one member of the team is able to hear.

Do not hesitate to contact us on +33 1 75 51 56 84 in order to provide the solution most adapted to your particular needs.

What are the rooms like ?

Each room is a completely different universe, a unique experience of sound and vision which make up the richness of the experience. In general rooms do not have windows but are well lit and airy. Nothing scary: the pressure comes from you and your desire to beat the clock !

You are locked in, but don't panic, an emergency button enables you to get out at any time.

How should we prepare ?

However you like !

No specific knowledge is needed; you just need a bit of logic, imagination and good team spirit.

No need to be an athlete, but a little agility can help you get through the game.

Wear comfortable clothes. You won't need to get on all fours, squeeze through tights tunnels or do any kind of difficult exercises.

Offer a session to a friend ?

Excellent idea for a present !

You can offer an escape game session to a person of your choice who can make their own reservation and pay using the gift token code that you give them. Take a look at the "gift card" page.

How to reserve ?

Easy !

Go to the "reservation" page on our website, choose a date, an escape game, a time, enter your name and e-mail address and pay online with your credit card. You can also come to L’Antichambre and reserve directly.

If you are not certain about the number of players when you do the reservation, reserve for 2 and pay the difference on site the D day.