Other great addresses

Close to L’Antichambre, we propose many addresses for a lunch, a bite or a diner :


Excellent pizzas and warm welcome,
right downstairs.

Traiteur Libanais

Lebanese specialties.

OUH LALA ! Cantine St Martin

Tacos in a trendy way.


Inovative recipies.

Café Petite

Market cuisine.

Chez les Artistes

French bistro-style cuisine.

Blackburn coffee

A very Danish coffee shop
which proposes only home-made.


Salad bar.

Terra Corsa

Corsican grocery shop which proposes
very good quiches with typical
corsican products.

Paris New York

Best burgers in town.

Le 52

Neo bistrot. Elaborate and inovative
cuisine in a former butcher’s boutique.

Les Bobines

Tasty home-made tapas,
with a cinema ticket… or not.

An Com

Vietnamese cuisine.

Le village

A perfect place for any moment
of the day, with really good prices
and quality.

A bit further…

Le petit Cambodge

Very good bobuns.


Trendy Corean cuisine.

Aux deux amis

A trendy place which proposes
french or spanish style tapas.

L’entrée des artistes

An amazing cocktail bar
in a very intimistic atmosphere.