Picture of the escape game Galaxy
Escape Game


60 minutes Interdit au moins de 12 ans

The Earth is very far, oxygen is limited, the artificial intelligence of the spaceship is getting weird. You’ll get to the space station in less than one hour. Or never. Good luck!

  • 3 étoiles sur 3 Difficulty level : Tricky
  • Success rate : 30%
  • Number of players : 2 to 6 players
  • Playable in french
  • Address : 10 rue Blondel - 75003 Paris
  • The Game Master’s advice : vous aimez les casses-têtes et avez le sens de l'humour ? Tant mieux car l'intelligence artificielle du vaisseau est dingue. Petite originalité : navette spatiale 100% sans clés ni cadenas !

Conception by Magic Tech, design and scenery by Indissoluble.