Picture of the escape game Ghost
Escape Game


60 minutes Interdit au moins de 12 ans

A woman has been murdered in this apartment. Nobody knows what really happened. None of those who entered has come back, they have been taken by the Ghost. The rumor says that the only way to escape would be to find the name of her murderer. In the interest of safety, L’Antichambre has walled off entrances, but if you really insist, we can open it for you.

  • 3 étoiles sur 3 Difficulty level : Tricky
  • Success rate : 8%
  • Number of players : 2 to 6 players
  • Playable in french and in english
  • Address : 55 boulevard Saint-Martin - 75003 Paris
  • The Game Master’s advice : assassinat mystère… Seuls les joueurs bien aguerris oseront pénétrer dans cet appartement aux allures de château hanté pour résoudre l'enquête et rétablir la vérité.

Game conception by Claustrophilia.