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Your event at L’Antichambre

L'Antichambre Blondel

L'Antichambre Blondel

L'Antichambre Blondel

L'Antichambre Blondel

L'Antichambre Saint-Martin

L'Antichambre Saint-Martin

An escape game?

Great idea to start a business seminar and get to know each other, for a team building session, to share a moment of conviviality between colleagues.

Original experience for a birthday, Bachelor or Bachelorette party and any occasion to meet with family or friends, have a good time together and create common memories.

Sychronized escape games

For big groups, we propose synchronized start time of several escape games sessions (up to 9 games for a maximum of 54 players).

We propose 9 Escape Games: 5 in L’Antichambre Saint-Martin and 4 in L’Antichambre Blondel. Each of them can accommodate between 2 and 6 players.

Privatization, buffets and cocktails

Before or after your synchronized games, we offer you the option to privatize one of our reception areas for a breakfast, a coffee break, a cocktail…

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