Picture of the escape game Mummy
Escape Game


60 minutes Interdit au moins de 12 ans

he sacred statues of Queen Hatchaspot were stolen from the Louvre museum last night. Legend has it that if all the artefacts are not together, the wrath of the gods would be such that it would be the end of the reign of Man on the Earth. You were supposed to be meeting the Professor Atom in his office - when you arrive - no one is there... What if his disappearance is the realisation of the dreadful prophecy...

  • 2 étoiles sur 3 Difficulty level : Normal
  • Success rate : 50%
  • Number of players : 2 to 5 players
  • Playable in french and in english
  • Address : 55 boulevard Saint-Martin - 75003 Paris
  • The Game Master’s advice : les vrais aventuriers faisant preuve d'observation, d'agilité et de logique apprécieront l'immersion, la magie et le mysticisme de Momie. Nous recommandons Momie pour 5 joueurs max.

Game conception by Mystique Room.